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Barbarian Bob Theme Song

2009-04-30 12:18:42 by Skribble-Style

Well here's the theme song for you all. It was awaiting admin approval, so I delayed posting about it until now; also included is another random track, which is one of my favorites.

I'll be slowly uploading the other tracks, as you can only submit 2 per day, but they'll all be there by the end of the week.


BB Aftermath

2009-04-25 01:25:40 by Skribble-Style

So it's out in the wild, people love it, people hate it, all is well in the universe.

One thing I learned from all this is to test your game on as many people as possible! Even with 6 people testing Barbarian Bob, I still didn't manage to find all the bugs. Luckily people are patient enough to catalogue the bugs they find in the comments, which means I can easily compile all the most common problems and sort them out accordingly.

The music seems to be a love or hate deal. Quite a few people think it's repetitive and annoying, while others think the tracks are great. While I respect the opinions of those who don't like it, I have to say I think the music is awesome. My friend custom made the tracks, and they rock, so deal with it! ;D

I'll be constantly updating the game and checking for new bugs over the next couple of days, so please be sure to let me know if anything weird happens while you are playing.

Thanks everyone!

So it took a while, but it's finally done! Ready to be played by all.

Once again, thanks to everybody who supported the little dude when he was so obviously retarded in the face with bad programming. I've done everything I could think of to make the game more enjoyable without having to work on too much new art, and I think I hit a nice balance.

Anyway, I'll STFU now and let you kill some guys:

Click here to play 'Barbarian Bob [Remake]'

Play the Barbarian Bob [Remake] now!

Barbarian Bob screenshots

2009-04-04 23:17:53 by Skribble-Style

Hey guys. I'll be honest and say I've been pretty slack on BB lately; no thanks to Fallout 3. But I've been working on it for a solid 5 hours or so and I've fixed a lot of bugs, and was able to add in a special mode for you to unlock by finding one of the secrets.

To prove to you that the game is pretty much done barring some bug fixes and music, I've included a few screen shots. People familiar with the game will recognize the signature Bob levels, but you'll also notice a few new levels, like the Forest; FYI, look hard enough at the screenshots and you might even find out what the secret mode is ;)

My friend assures me his music is coming along well, but he is used to composing more electro sounding music, rather than tracks with a medieval/battle sound, but he's doing his best so just be a little more patient and soon you'll be hacking and slashing to some awesome beats. Shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks at most, but I'm trying to make this as best as I can so you guys will actually enjoy playing it.

Seeing as you can only upload 1 image per post, I've uploaded the images to an Imageshack gallery. Enjoy!

Barbarian Bob Screenshots


Barbarian Bob screenshots

Barbarian Bob's New Features

2009-03-10 05:33:14 by Skribble-Style

So damn close to finishing!


Barbarian Bob's New Features

Bob is Back

2009-02-15 08:50:29 by Skribble-Style

Get ready!

Bob is Back

Due to HDD problems. I have lost pretty much everything I have ever worked on. I will not be redoing Barbarian Bob AGAIN. Nor will I be finishing Terrence the Armless Ninja. After putting so much work in to both, it really makes me angry that I didn't back up my shit.

On the plus side, I'm working on a new to look forward! To new and better things!

Life is Hectic

2007-10-24 23:46:22 by Skribble-Style


I thought things would get easier after my horrible housemate left. Yet she continues to irritate me from her new premises...

I've decided I need a break from everything so Im going down south for a weekend and a bit to do some fishing, snorkling and cave exploring. I'll be sure to take many pictures.

Sorry for the slow updates guys. A lot has happened in the past few months which has prevented me from doing much work. Mostly consisting of my fuck-head of a house-mate making my life a living hell! But she is moving out in a small amount of time so I'll be back to my creative inclinations in no time.

Barbarian Bob 07 is soooo close to being finished, everything is done! I'm just bug testing and making sure everything works well enough. So expect to see it very soon. Terrence the Armless Ninja, I've decided, is too messy for me to continue scripting, so I'll be reprogramming it from scratch. This means better controls and functionality! My scripting skill has increased 10 fold and I thank my new job for that.

Also, I'll be working on Dreams Ch.2, a game which I think is going to be very sweet. The gameplay and art direction is very nice and also unique. I'm sure everyone will love it. No ETA on the completion of that though.

Terrence the Armless Ninja

2007-07-23 00:59:48 by Skribble-Style

Terrence the Armless Ninja is platform adventure game dedicated to the awesome and totally nonsensical game on sega 'Shinobi III'. Much love to that game. Anyone whos played it will recognize some similarities between it and Terrence.

All levels will have an array of different enemies, powerups, friendly helpers etc. You get to go underwater, through a jungle, into an Aztec Temple, space, a volcano and more.

It's release was set for sometime this month, but that definitely wont be happening. I predict sometime in the next 2 months it will be completed. I've programmed the engine to a nice playable level and all thats left is content creation. So it all depends on whether I feel like drawing/animating or not ^__^