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Terrence the Armless Ninja

2007-07-23 00:59:48 by Skribble-Style

Terrence the Armless Ninja is platform adventure game dedicated to the awesome and totally nonsensical game on sega 'Shinobi III'. Much love to that game. Anyone whos played it will recognize some similarities between it and Terrence.

All levels will have an array of different enemies, powerups, friendly helpers etc. You get to go underwater, through a jungle, into an Aztec Temple, space, a volcano and more.

It's release was set for sometime this month, but that definitely wont be happening. I predict sometime in the next 2 months it will be completed. I've programmed the engine to a nice playable level and all thats left is content creation. So it all depends on whether I feel like drawing/animating or not ^__^


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2007-07-24 00:53:05

Haha, that's that picture of that crab with noodle on his soup that I drew for the character tag. I love it and I cannot wait for Terrence the Armless Ninja.

Skribble-Style responds:

lulz, "the noodle on his soup"?


thanks mun, s'good to know people are intersted in lil ol' terrence.


2007-07-24 01:28:54

I am interested as well!
I really am very anxious to see how it comes out.


2007-08-24 15:50:38