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Barbarian Bob screenshots

2009-04-04 23:17:53 by Skribble-Style

Hey guys. I'll be honest and say I've been pretty slack on BB lately; no thanks to Fallout 3. But I've been working on it for a solid 5 hours or so and I've fixed a lot of bugs, and was able to add in a special mode for you to unlock by finding one of the secrets.

To prove to you that the game is pretty much done barring some bug fixes and music, I've included a few screen shots. People familiar with the game will recognize the signature Bob levels, but you'll also notice a few new levels, like the Forest; FYI, look hard enough at the screenshots and you might even find out what the secret mode is ;)

My friend assures me his music is coming along well, but he is used to composing more electro sounding music, rather than tracks with a medieval/battle sound, but he's doing his best so just be a little more patient and soon you'll be hacking and slashing to some awesome beats. Shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks at most, but I'm trying to make this as best as I can so you guys will actually enjoy playing it.

Seeing as you can only upload 1 image per post, I've uploaded the images to an Imageshack gallery. Enjoy!

Barbarian Bob Screenshots


Barbarian Bob screenshots


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2009-04-04 23:21:31

is it gonna be just like castle crashers?

(Updated ) Skribble-Style responds:

Nah, its nowhere near as intense as CC.

It's more like an old SNES game... think Joe and Mac or Chuck Rock, but with a shield.


2009-04-05 00:05:32

I absolutely adored the first game. Can't wait to play this :D


2009-04-05 03:12:23

will there be any additions, like combos, projectiles, switch weapon ect.? The original was addictive as is, can't wait for this one. Auto 5.

Skribble-Style responds:

There are unlockables, but I wont say more than that.


2009-04-05 08:18:55

Please add a savegame/ checkpoint feature this time


2009-04-05 09:38:18

It looks great!

If you could add a duel weapon function, it would be amazing! :D

Looking forward to the game!


2009-04-05 11:24:33

looking good dude


2009-04-05 11:31:01

Looks awesome, I'm looking forward to it!


2009-04-05 12:48:47

only one question... ┬┐it will be hard?... cause im too lazy for a hard game :D

Skribble-Style responds:

There will be 2 levels of difficulty so people who want a challenge can just flick it to hard mode and people who just want to kill some time can jump straight in.


2009-04-05 17:39:44

art looks great! looking forward to it :)


2009-04-10 20:11:40

Great looking game, but what is the Blue bar beneath the HIt Point bar?

Skribble-Style responds:

That's the shield gauge my good man. It lets you know how much energy you have left to shield with.


2009-04-15 19:08:29

YES! I loved Barbarian Bob, but I'd never looked to see who made it. The one day I happen to look, I see there's a completely revamped BB on the way! I can't wait to play it now, it looks awesome. I like that you kept the same visual feel as the original, but (it looks and sounds like) really improved on the gameplay. :D