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Play the Barbarian Bob [Remake] now!

2009-04-24 11:00:02 by Skribble-Style

So it took a while, but it's finally done! Ready to be played by all.

Once again, thanks to everybody who supported the little dude when he was so obviously retarded in the face with bad programming. I've done everything I could think of to make the game more enjoyable without having to work on too much new art, and I think I hit a nice balance.

Anyway, I'll STFU now and let you kill some guys:

Click here to play 'Barbarian Bob [Remake]'

Play the Barbarian Bob [Remake] now!


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2009-04-24 11:07:21

don't worry i like your game and im hoping you create more

Skribble-Style responds:

Hahah, I think I'll just get rid of that comment. Nobody likes an ignorant, racist, douchebag.

Glad YOU liked the game heh :)


2009-04-24 11:49:00

It won't seem to load for me?
Ahwell i'll try again soon.
Something positive...something positive...i loved the last one, and am looking forward to this one.


2009-04-24 11:57:50

Found some bugs when I played it.

First one was with the king on the roof. I jumped towards the roof but not on it. The king was spawned while I continued to be attacked by normal enemies. I died and respawned at the beginning of the tower.
However, the king was still doing his thing on the tower, which meant that I recieved damage every single time he attacked the top floor while I was heading over there.

Second bug was also with the king on the tower. When I 'killed' him and pushed him off the tower, the game froze. The weather etc. kept going, but I couldn't move and the game itself didn't progress.

Also, the 'easy' difficulty seems ridiculously hard to me, though that could just be me not being used to the gameplay yet.

Skribble-Style responds:

Yeah I'm working on lowering the difficulty right now.

Cheers for the bugs dude, it helped a lot!


2009-04-24 11:58:49

Other than that I still like the game, and it's nice seeing a remake of the already great first version. Just hoping to see it bug free so I can play it normally ;)


2009-04-24 12:14:13

Why did you call me a douchebag? I was giving you tips.

Skribble-Style responds:

Racial bigotry is not funny, it makes you look like a moron.


2009-04-24 12:17:29


Maybe this one wont be as irritating.

Skribble-Style responds:

Hahaha I hope so!


2009-04-24 12:20:54

Grey screen :(
Hope it'll be fixed soon. I looked at Barbarian Bob yesterday and thought, "Shame he isn't making that remake."

Joy spread over my face when I saw it on the new entries thing!


2009-04-24 12:22:37

By the way, I said shame he isn't making it because the last time I looked at your profile, you spoke about you not being able to do this anymore. GASP! Are you going to make Terrance the Armless Ninja?


2009-04-24 12:34:03

Ah, it loads, just you need a preloader in there so people (like me) don't think there's something wrong with the game.

Skribble-Style responds:

Yeah the preloader bug has been fixed hopefully; people who couldnt access it before can now, so I'm assuming I fixed it. It was an issue of exporting the audio on the first frame for AS purposes. Luckily Tom set me up with a solution for that right away!


2009-04-24 12:37:02

WASN'T as irritating.

Main irritation was the fact the knights (big armor dudes) went berserk and wouldn't stop attacking when I knocked them down to their last HP. As you can't parry them, I had to circumvent them, which wasn't as satisfying.

Other than than, a fairly non irritating game, unlike Red Moon and its bad habit of being difficult in places.

Skribble-Style responds:

Dually noted!

I'm lowering their difficulty now :D


2009-04-24 13:30:07

Why did you remove the dash attack? :/

Skribble-Style responds:

I found it slowed things down a lot, and there wasn't much opportunity to use it. I just made it so that if you mash the keys Bob eventually does it.


2009-04-24 20:20:56

It's so hard


2009-04-24 23:51:47

A bit difficult, but definitely worthy of a series.

Hope to see more :D


2009-04-25 10:48:02

Get off your high horse you n****r loving piece of shit. Go suck a n****rs cock if you love them so much.

(Updated ) Skribble-Style responds:

You're stinking up the place with idiocy.

You're banned, GTFO :)