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Slow times at Ridgemont High

2007-09-24 23:23:06 by Skribble-Style

Sorry for the slow updates guys. A lot has happened in the past few months which has prevented me from doing much work. Mostly consisting of my fuck-head of a house-mate making my life a living hell! But she is moving out in a small amount of time so I'll be back to my creative inclinations in no time.

Barbarian Bob 07 is soooo close to being finished, everything is done! I'm just bug testing and making sure everything works well enough. So expect to see it very soon. Terrence the Armless Ninja, I've decided, is too messy for me to continue scripting, so I'll be reprogramming it from scratch. This means better controls and functionality! My scripting skill has increased 10 fold and I thank my new job for that.

Also, I'll be working on Dreams Ch.2, a game which I think is going to be very sweet. The gameplay and art direction is very nice and also unique. I'm sure everyone will love it. No ETA on the completion of that though.


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2007-10-01 16:08:40

Second Comment.

Skribble-Style responds:

Fuck yeah