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BB Aftermath

2009-04-25 01:25:40 by Skribble-Style

So it's out in the wild, people love it, people hate it, all is well in the universe.

One thing I learned from all this is to test your game on as many people as possible! Even with 6 people testing Barbarian Bob, I still didn't manage to find all the bugs. Luckily people are patient enough to catalogue the bugs they find in the comments, which means I can easily compile all the most common problems and sort them out accordingly.

The music seems to be a love or hate deal. Quite a few people think it's repetitive and annoying, while others think the tracks are great. While I respect the opinions of those who don't like it, I have to say I think the music is awesome. My friend custom made the tracks, and they rock, so deal with it! ;D

I'll be constantly updating the game and checking for new bugs over the next couple of days, so please be sure to let me know if anything weird happens while you are playing.

Thanks everyone!


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2009-04-25 01:54:44

I dont care what anyone says SS , Barbarian Bob is my favorite barbarian and favorite flash game series of all time!

Skribble-Style responds:

Thanks man!


2009-04-25 10:32:53

I think I already said it, but I'll say it again. Barbarian Bob deserves a series with a storyline.

Congrats on Daily Third too.

Skribble-Style responds:

I'd love to extend Bob's canon, but he isn't my character, and I don't think Brandon wants to work on another Bob related product again, or at least for a long while.

Don't worry, we'll bring you some new and interesting characters like Bob soon.


2009-04-25 14:18:29

I agree. A comic series would be epic or flash show.

Skribble-Style responds:

I think if a cool story was made up for him, then yeah, he could be something really great. But I don't think this will happen due to us all wanting to work on other things.


2009-04-25 15:36:36

I got pretty mad at your game, at the ending there. At the end all the enemies were coming out of no where and this rain was coming down it caused me alot of fucking lag. So because of the lag I couldnt move and just had to stand there and get hit and I lost 3 lives because of it. Lag needs to be reduced in that area...

(Updated ) Skribble-Style responds:

Sorry man, I'll make it so that the rain stops if you have the quality set to medium or less, that should help a little. Unfortunately the enemies that spawn are part of the gameplay, I can't just take them out, perhaps setting the quality to low would improve the playability?


2009-04-25 16:22:01

The game would be better if you made the combat system a bit more responsive. I play on easy and I find it damn hard. Also, add a save function, because I don't want to redo all the medals when I start a new game. Make the soldiers less powerful, they hit to fast and sometimes it's impossible to get out of a combo. Make the secret items visible, you just have to guess or be lucky to find them. There is absolutely no reason for money besides getting one medal. Speaking about medals, why don't you make it possible to get the Barbarian King achievement. Once you win the game you can't get other medals.

Skribble-Style responds:

I've sped up Bob, altered enemy attack rates and stun time, as well as the parry window for Bob, so now easy mode is actually easy; that should sort that out for you. I've also added a sharedObject that checks if you have finished the game before, and the medals now link with NGs medal server to see if you have earned them already.

Secret items aren't there for anybody, they are there for those that choose to explore the level and find them. The money was going to be used for buying things in Horde mode, but seeing as it was cut I decide to add a life to the player every 5k loot they collect, so yes it does do something; plus it's cool to see your enemies spill gold and jewels.


2009-04-25 17:46:56

Where can I get the title music for Barbarian Bob?

Skribble-Style responds:

I'll be uploading it tomorrow morning, I'll make a post about it.


2009-04-27 05:15:07

I wanted to comment you back saying that I appreciated you replying to my comment on BB. I rarely get any replies back and having one from a fantastic person like you is always great. I've been getting more and more of those so it's pretty sweet. I definitely liked the music though. Is it possible to download?

Skribble-Style responds:

Hey, no worries man. It's always a pleasure to get a nice review from someone who appreciates your work.

I'll make a post about it, but I'll be uploading all the tracks in high quality sometime tomorrow.


2009-04-27 05:16:22

Oh also on bugs...first time I played through I died at the last boss, but when continuing he didn't spawn.

Skribble-Style responds:

Yep, fixed that too :D


2009-04-27 09:11:14

it was AWESOME, with the cheats, play with that ninja and that zombie horde minigame...
It was better than the original,

Skribble-Style responds:

Pretty much ninjas and zombies are sweet.


2009-04-28 21:02:05

Some even say Barbarian Bob was an inspiration for Castle Crashers.
Probably not, but if it makes you feel better, tell yourself that. The game is fun. There's no fancy bells or whistles, just some badass Barbarian Action. Thanks for making another one after all these years.

Skribble-Style responds:

I seriously doubt it was hahah. Dan has enough creativity that he can make up his own stuff.


2009-04-29 10:02:20

Hey! Love the re-make! It made me go back and beat the original as well. As you stated on your loader, I beat the game without dying or using cheats, and invincibob wouldn't unlock for me. Where would I go to ask about how to deal with that, the authors or Newgrounds support? Thanks a lot. Great game!


2009-04-29 16:32:22

I can't get the "beat the game in 10 minutes" medal. When I finished off the boss Bob froze.