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For anyone who still looks at this...

2008-05-15 04:55:58 by Skribble-Style

Due to HDD problems. I have lost pretty much everything I have ever worked on. I will not be redoing Barbarian Bob AGAIN. Nor will I be finishing Terrence the Armless Ninja. After putting so much work in to both, it really makes me angry that I didn't back up my shit.

On the plus side, I'm working on a new to look forward! To new and better things!


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2008-05-15 05:06:42

Awesome :)


2008-08-09 23:19:47

Ouch... sorry to hear about that. Good luck making your new project! :D


2008-08-21 12:19:13

Why can't you just start it again?


2008-10-31 22:52:36

It makes ya frustrated... bb was fun, and its sad that you lost it. Sorry mate!


2008-11-09 14:35:53

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Skribble-Style responds:

Nice Boondock Saints reference!